Things I’ll Never Say

Why do you do this shit to me? Why do you bring me close just to push me away? Make up your mind already dammit! If you want me then stop with this nonsense and if you don’t then let me go. You get jealous of the idea of me being with anyone else yet you fail to make the effort to be with me. I keep saying that I’m done with your games that I’m walking away and then you call and remind me why I love you so very much. How can you light up my soul then leave me in darkness? How can you say you love me and be the cause of my tears?

Sometimes a girl needs to hear she’s beautiful, there are times when she needs to feel someone’s hands and body against hers. To know she is desirable and wanted. If you can’t give that someone else will. Don’t hold her back for your own gain. If the thought of someone else touching her scares you, do something about it. Take her in and show her the depths of your love

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