She could stay all day in her thoughts of him. Most days she allowed them to consume her. She knew who he was, all his demons, all his flaws but she also saw what everyone else overlooked. She saw the emotion behind the way he played, she heard it in the way he would sing to her late at night when his guard was down. She could taste his sadness as truly as she did her own. He kept her in constant limbo, hanging on a pendulum, always pulling her back in. His words could light up her soul but the darkness when he shut her out was suffocating, it was deadly. She knows she must walk away. You can’t save anyone when you can’t save yourself. She will love him as she has always done, over years, over eons and maybe in another life they will be great. In this life however there is too much damage in his soul and she desperately needs the warrior that he can not be. 

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