I’m just so so so fucking tired. Tired of being strong, tired of spinning my wheels, tired of being the one that’s all alone. I’m tired. I cried all night and no one knew, I cried in the shower this morning too. I made coffee, done dishes, went about my day with my body shaking, my heart aching. I’m just so fucking tired. I’m angry at you and I hate myself for being angry. You left me here, alone, unequipped even now to go thru life without you. I don’t know how to move on from this. Where do I begin? You were the core of my existence, the center of my universe. All that’s left now is this huge gaping black hole, sucking in everything around it. There’s nothing left here but chaos and destruction. Void of all joy, all human resemblance is gone now. Without you there can be no me.

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