Life Changed Today

Life change today. It changed forever with just a few words. As a mother of my children are my world my everything. There is nothing at all I wouldn’t do for them no depths or lengths I would not go to. What do you do when you see your child in turmoil? How helpless it feels when there is something you simply can not fix for them. Today my oldest, my mini me, the embodiment of everything good in me called crying, frustrated, and terrified. She’s pregnant. She’s 20 years old and she knows that she’s not ready for this. I admit I was upset, as any parent would be but I had to put those feelings aside. What she is feeling is more important than any I may have. My job hasn’t changed really. I will continue to stand by her side, to calm her fears and hold her hand. I tell her that we will get through this as we’ve always done, together with unconditional love. Today life changed forever but it will only make us stronger.

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