Fire And Gasoline

He takes my hand and leads me to his room. I’m nervous and excited. This gorgeous man I see in front of me, he makes my heart beat faster than it ever has. He lays me down and in his eyes I know he needs me the same as I need him. We’ve waited so long for this day, neither thinking it would actually happen. When childhood love becomes adult fantasies. His lips slowly move over my body sending lightening in it’s wake. The touch of his fingertips feel like silk. He stares down into my eyes with a look that sends shivers through this body he has claimed as his own. We become one, fire and gasoline, burning away reality. Heat and pleasure mount to an explosive crescendo like we’ve never experienced before. Worn and spent he wraps me in his arms, kissing my face so gently and as I begin to drift off to dream I hear my soul whisper “we are finally home”. 

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