Deep into this darkness I go I don’t know how far before I know There is nothing here but me Nothing more here for you to see Void and black, a perfect abyss There is nothing here for you to miss

No Longer

No longer can I write about the way you feel next to me All the memories, all those feelings, all just make believe You left me here, shattered and broken, no longer whole There is no heart, nothing more than a shadowed soul These pieces can not be put back together any more They are […]


One last dream, one last breath of my soul Long gone from all these memories I’ve stole My heart has faltered inside it’s broken cage All that’s left is this never ending rage

No Love, No Hate, No Hope

There is nothing at all left for you here I hope I made that abundantly clear No love, no hate, no hope I’m hanging still from the end of a rope Done with a world I could never see Just leave me here beneath this tree No love, no hate, no hope No more reason […]


How do you love when you don’t have a heart How do you even know where to start How do you love when your soul is cold How do you have hope when there’s nothing to hold


Twelve long months since my soul was shattered From losing the only one to whom I mattered Time hasn’t changed one single damned thing Every memory is another painful sting Wandering all alone through this endless night Close my eyes just to bring your face into sight My heart grows colder with each passing day […]


Jaded by the fantasy you gave me Left lost and wondering how to be Unable to mend this hole you tore Gaping from my soul forevermore Nothingness creeps into my shattered heart Dead or alive I can’t tell them apart It doesn’t even matter if I’m here Floating and empty year after year