Crimson pools on the floor Pain isn’t felt any more Sinking down into the void The demons finally destroyed

Any More

I don’t want to be here any more All these emotions have left me sore I need to get out, I need to run away Yet there are so many reasons to stay I feel the urge to descend into madness So far from all this hurt and sadness But these angels lie to keep […]


Deep in my soul I feel it coming With a sound like wings humming It wraps around me like velvet night Deep in my soul I know it’s alright This shift within me about to burst Ripping through me, my mind first Deep in my soul I see a sudden glow It washes over me […]


Lay me open so that you may see All the pain and darkness inside of me Will you run now or will you stay Can you give my demons room to play I set myself on fire now I’m only ash The road to my soul you are sure to crash It’s twisted, curvy and […]


Lost but not ever alone In the dark a light still shown Whispers floating through the air Stripped of pretense and left bare Emotions rise to deafening pitch Nothing left but the demons and bitch


Heartbreak is truly is own kind of hell Full of broken dreams and broken promises for sale Can you feel this emptiness eating you away Trying desperately to make it through the day Tears fall hot and wet down stained cheeks Praying for this intolerable pain to finally peak Laying curled inside yourself, pitch black […]

The Veil

The veil between worlds has parted Welcome the spirit of those departed Light the candles, call the corners Listen closely to all the warners One year ends a new one begins Let go of all the could’ve beens Spirit opens, the witching hour is here Cast with intention dreams draw near