Stars twinkle in a black sky Trying to find the will to get by Gone away inside my mind So much emptiness I’m going blind At the end there will be light How I hope they are right The peace that comes at the end No more reasons to pretend There is no hope, no […]


 Just a girl living a nightmare Don’t act like you really care No one sees the things I do Everything is black and blue Live with your mind not your heart After awhile you can’t tell them apart What’s the difference you ask It’s pain behind a careful mask


I‘m too broke to be fixed Life is always full of risks Don’t bother to take a chance It leaves you in a drug trance Locked inside a fragile mind How I wish to make it rewind Things spoken not taken back Something in my soul I lack Day by day it doesn’t fade But […]


 My heart is in pieces The pain never ceases All I do is cry out There is no answer, there is no doubt I’m all alone in this world It won’t matter when my blood is poured

Taking Over

This thing is taking over me So much more than you can see There’s too much to ever explain It’s enough to drive me insane Wide awake or fast asleep A crazy pace I can’t keep Pain only I know and feel Everyone asking if it’s real From raging mad to uncontrollable crying Some days I […]

Who I Am

I am whatever you say I am Don’t be fooled I don’t give a damn This is me and who I choose to be Get something to say? Feel free You can’t hurt or change me now I remain the same, this is my vow Listen close to the words I say They’ll be all that’s […]


Night falls once again I crawl into my favorite sin Half alive means half dead Only here my monsters are fed Clouding my reality, my brain There‘s nothing more I hope to gain A small pause on pain and hurt No reason to be awake or alert Night falls and I know I’ve changed No […]