Winds of Change

The winds of change start to blow Into another life where joy can grow The decision is made, set in stone Never again to walk the world alone Found a place amongst the stars Where there’s only beauty in scars Take a deep breath with closed eyes Now is the time to say your goodbyes

In This Circle

I reach out into the other Calling ancestors and the dark mother Guide this ritual, show my path Protect me now from harm and wrath In this sacred circle I ask to see Whatever is to become of me Candles burn through the night Grant to your daughter the gift of sight


Drifting through the endless night This is the time demons take flight Into the other, falling fast Spirit open, the spell is cast Soul wonders through the realms The veil has thinned, it overwhelms When it parts all will become clear Ancestors call out for those that hear

Fire And Gasoline

He takes my hand and leads me to his room. I’m nervous and excited. This gorgeous man I see in front of me, he makes my heart beat faster than it ever has. He lays me down and in his eyes I know he needs me the same as I need him. We’ve waited so […]


Leave your fingerprints burned on my skin A fire that only your tongue has the power to cool Breath your lust into my aching core once more Making me a slave to all your darkest desires Bruised and panting you left me in ecstacy Tied up and blinded you give the sweet release I wear […]

Far Away

Heart’s desire so far away Don’t think I’ll make it another day Needing you is so hard from here I’d give anything to have you near Love know no distance it’s true But the ache in my soul has me blue

To Be Owned

​My heart dropped to my stomach Bittersweet tears fill my eyes Leaving hurts more than words say I long for you before I’m even gone Your face, your kiss, your smell burned into my being This is what it means to belong to someone This is what it means to be owned I am yours […]